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Enabler empowers businesses to unlock their full potential by providing customized digital solutions and accelerating time to market for development projects.

Our expertise in cloud native strategies, DevEx, and DevOps drives innovation and success across various industries.

Are you passionate about shaping the future of software development with cloud native technologies? If so, we'd love to have you on board!
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Kenneth Nordum

Kenneth, the CEO and co-founder of Enabler, leverages his 20 years of experience in roles as an architect, tech lead, and developer to excel in cloud networking and hybrid environments.
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Harald Svendberg

Harald, a passionate co-founder of Enabler, serves as a tech-lead, architect, and developer with a deep-rooted enthusiasm for Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.
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Dominika Kaźmierczak

Dominika, a frontend developer boasting a strong background in mathematics and cryptology, has embarked on an ambitious journey into the realm of DevOps.
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Eva Hauk Fritzell

Eva is a platform engineer at Enabler, focused on cloud native tech and Kubernetes. She has experience with complex cloud environments and brings a geophysics background to our team.
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NGI has, over several years, had the pleasure of collaborating with Enabler in the development of new industry-leading solutions. Harald and Kenneth have been central resources in building a strong team and a robust platform, and their work has led to the establishment of new and innovative solutions within GeoData. Among other things, they have been involved in establishing a new IoT platform (NGI Live), a new digital platform for ground investigations (Field Manager), and an operations platform based on Azure and Kubernetes, all of which contribute to setting new standards for the industry.

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Carl-Henrik Wolf Lund

Enabler is a key partner for Tekna in our ongoing efforts to offer our members the best digital solutions. Their assistance ranges from strategic technology consulting to a leading role in the development of our hybrid cloud and data platform.

With extensive experience in architecture, security, networking, and development, as well as a good understanding of our internal systems, Enabler plays an important role in shaping and optimizing our platform, both locally and in the cloud. This has contributed to Tekna experiencing record growth in members in the recent years.

Enabler also closely supports our in-house development department, working together with the team to ensure our solutions are robust, scalable, and future-proof. We value their expertise and look forward to continued collaboration to improve and expand our service offerings.

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Håvard Angen Rye
Director of ICT and digital services, Tekna
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