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A common misinterpretation within the DevOps community is the belief that developers should handle everything, from the initial stages of development to the final hosting of the application. This perception, however, does not reflect efficient workflows. Instead, we lean towards the establishment of a platform that facilitates and enables DevOps.

In the world of technology, the term 'platform' has become somewhat of an overused buzzword, often leaving its precise definition blurred and misinterpreted. Different people may attribute different meanings to it, making its context in software development slightly convoluted.

To dispel any ambiguity surrounding our use of 'platforms,' the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has published an insightful whitepaper that outlines what 'platforms' means in the realm of software development organizations.

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Reduce the cognitive load on product teams and thereby accelerate product development and delivery.


What we mean by 'platform' in this context is an inclusive system, incorporating all the essential components a developer needs to deploy, monitor, and scale a deployment. The beauty of such a platform lies in its ability to abstract the intricate details of the underlying system, enabling developers to focus on their core tasks of creating and innovating, without needing to delve into the technical complexities.

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Platforms enables DevOps.

In essence, the concept of platforms enables DevOps by simplifying processes, thus ensuring a more streamlined, efficient, and collaborative software development environment. It's not just about providing tools; it's about facilitating an ecosystem that allows DevOps to thrive.

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