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At Enabler, we view Kubernetes as a great platform for running and deploying workloads at scale.

However, we also recognise that it may not be the best solution for every situation. Before deciding to adopt Kubernetes, you should resonate with at least some of the following statements:

  • How many elements are required for the deployment of your application infrastructure?
  • How many developers does your team consist of?
  • Do you need to orchestrate external dependencies, such as DNS, databases or storage?
  • Is your team prepared to adopt new methodologies and tools within the development process?
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We firmly believe that containers have revolutionized the way software is built and run

We firmly believe that containers have revolutionised the way software is built and run. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that there are numerous other, simpler alternatives for orchestrating your containers.

Establishing a Kubernetes cluster is just one aspect of the process. Before setting up the cluster, you must consider network design and hosting options. Once the cluster is in place, you'll need to assemble the components required to create an exceptional platform for developers.

Our preferred technology stack currently includes:

  • FluxCD: For GitOps-based continuous delivery and deployment
  • Cert-manager: To generate and renew TLS certificates from providers like Letsencrypt
  • Prometheus: For collecting and processing metrics
  • Grafana

If you're uncertain whether Kubernetes is the right fit or if you've already embarked on the Kubernetes journey, Enablers can help determine and implement the most suitable solution for your needs.

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