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Insights from KubeCon 2024: Trends, Highlights & Community Connections

// Insights from KubeCon 2024: Trends, Highlights & Community Connections
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Kenneth Nordum
27 Mar 2024 0 min read

Several days have passed since this year's KubeCon, providing an opportunity for reflection.

KubeCon is an exceptional conference, offering a wealth of valuable content.

This year we made sure we arrived early enough to also catch all of the amazing talks in the CNCF-hosted co-located events happening the day before the main KubeCon event.

Artificial Inteligence (AI)

Year after year, KubeCon reveals intriguing trends. This year, we observed the rapid integration of AI into cloud-native and Kubernetes.

While many are currently working with AI, the challenge resides in creating a robust DevOps narrative around AI and transitioning projects into production.

This is where Kubernetes and cloud-native technology could offer a solution to these challenges.

Web Assembly

Web Assembly (WASM) is another trend. It appears that WASM is increasingly popular, with many major projects already using it in production.

Its name can be misleading, as its use extends beyond just web browsers.

Web Assembly appears to be, and increasingly could become, a common compilation target for numerous languages.

This would facilitate smaller binaries, a security sandbox, a shared runtime, and platform-independent packages.

With a really small footprint and startup time this could fit very well into a lot of applications.

Kubernetes on the edge

Kubernetes on the edge was also something that got a good amount of attention.

KubeEdge and k0s with k0smotron seems promising and definitely something we will dive more into.


Our personal highlight was perhaps the talk from Cloud-native-startupfest, which was called “Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower and Alex Polvi, CEO, CoreOS, Inc”.

Amazing insight into a really remarkable journey that gave us a lot of inspiration!

As with the previous year, security remains a crucial topic that received substantial coverage at KubeCon.

We found the Capture The Flag event hosted by ControlPlane both valuable and entertaining, offering a welcome break from sessions.

Beyond learning, KubeCon is a great place to connect with community members.

We particularly enjoyed meeting both new and old friends at the Nordic Cloud Native Meetup and the Norwegian rooftop lunch!

We're already looking forward to next year!

Most of the sessions was recorded and are available at



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