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Securing Your Kubernetes API

// Securing Your Kubernetes API
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Harald Svendberg
20 mars 2023 0 min å lese

Is it necessary for your Kubernetes API to be publicly exposed to the internet? From our observations, the Kubernetes API is frequently accessible online due to using default settings when creating a cluster or because there were limited options at for making it private at the time the cluster was created. While you still need the appropriate credentials to access it, it's important to evaluate if public availability is truly required.

I recently discovered that this topic is also covered in OWASP's Kubernetes Security Cheat Sheet. The cheat sheet provides valuable insights and guidelines for enhancing the security of your Kubernetes environment.


At the moment there are two primary methods for restricting access to the Kubernetes API server in Azure Kubernetes Services:

Authorized IP Ranges


Microsoft recommends this approach as a simple solution for limiting access to the API.

Private Clusters


This option involves creating a private network in Azure, where your cluster is placed. Although it introduces additional complexity, it also offers benefits such as allowing Kubernetes to communicate internally with other resources within the same private network.

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It is crucial to assess the available alternatives and make an informed decision.

Each use case is unique, and a publicly accessible cluster might be entirely acceptable. However, it is crucial to assess the available alternatives and make an informed decision.

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